Well-Known Rolex Submariner 114060 Watch

You know that feeling when you work hard on something, and it doesn’t work out in the end? That’s how I felt when I first started looking for my next big watch purchase, the Rolex Submariner 114060, and I’ve documented the full purchase story here.
As many of you know, I have a small wrist, only 6.5 inches. I was worried that the 114060 would be too big, but that wasn’t the case. While this may be the largest replica Rolex watch I’ve ever bought, there are several reasons why it doesn’t feel big and works well on both large and small wrists.
The reason it looks great on all sizes of wrists also translates to its comfort. Because the watch is so well designed, it is also very comfortable on the wrist. In my opinion, two things that contribute a lot to the comfort are the back bubble design and the glide lock adjustable clasp.
Compared to the new ceramic GMT Master II, the bubble back raises the watch a millimeter higher off your wrist. This extra height gives your wrist more clearance from the edge of the case, giving your wrist more maneuverability when doing physical activities like diving or drinking at the local bar. The extra height on my wrist is quite noticeable and I find myself raising the watch to eye level and occasionally gazing at the bottom of the imitation watch to see the movement as I rotate my wrist.
Where do I begin? This is, after all, one of the most iconic and handsome watches ever made. While I have some photos for you here, they don’t do it justice, and you need to operate this watch in person and see it for yourself.
From the dial to the shape of the case to the integration of the bracelet, it has been perfected by Rolex over decades of constant production and improvement. What we have now is just the result of years of perfect watchmaking.
My favorite part of the 114060 is probably the dial. It’s the kind of dial you can sit and stare at for a few minutes and enjoy its layout and lighting effects. It also exudes a reissue vibe from the original Submariner (which was also a dateless version), and I swear you can feel the nostalgia even if you weren’t born in the 50’s or raised on Sean Connery or early Bond movies.
All in all, I love my new Submariner 114060. this watch will stay in my personal collection and will never be sold. If I ever have kids, maybe I can even pass it on. If you are looking for an iconic watch with a huge history, or if you love replica watches, this guy should be at the top of your list.