A great travel companion. Review TUDOR Black Bay GMT

TUDOR watches

The TUDOR Black Bay GMT offers a user-friendly second time zone function at an attractive price.
Global mobility and travel around the world are no longer the exclusive privilege of pilots, top executives and other jet-setting professionals. the GMT function allows the replica watch wearer to read the time in a second time zone, which is not only appropriate for our global age, but also well suited to the TUDOR Black Bay. Founded in 1946 by Rolex’s founder Hans Wilsdorf as Montres Tudor SA, our test watch, the Black Bay GMT, retains an attractive price-performance ratio while also incorporating the brand’s own manufactured movement as a high-quality but less costly alternative to Rolex.
The time zone function can be used in several different ways. The basic option is to use the second hour hand as a 24-hour display in relation to your local time zone. If you want to quickly display a different time zone, simply twist the bidirectional rotatable bezel until the correct hour numerals align with the tip of the 24-hour hand. The blue and red color scheme of the bezel immediately indicates whether the selected second time zone is day or night.
The Black Bay GMT makes it easy to set a new local time when traveling. All you have to do is pull the crown to the center position and turn it. The main hour hand advances or recedes in hourly increments while the movement continues to run. the 24-hour hand retains the home time or the time in the designated second time zone. When you return home after a trip, you simply reset the main hour hand forwards or backwards.
The large knurled crown is adapted from its counterpart in the first replica TUDOR diving watch with a water resistance of 200 meters, making it very easy to operate. The crown is screwed into a long tube, but it pulls out smoothly, clicks reliably into place and is reinserted safely by overcoming the slight but noticeable resistance of the spring.